Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Anyone Still Reading This Blog...

Hello all! I decided to start a new blog. The address is:

I have a new design. The reason for a new blog is that I've changed...a lot since I started this blog and just needed/wanted to a brand new blog.

Hope to see you there!

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Special Day

Today is my 7 year wedding anniversary. That's me and my love on our wedding day. The day we had our first kiss (no, I'm not kidding you). Our wedding kiss was our first kiss and it was amazing.

He sent me 3 roses today, 2 red and 1 white. Red and white. He remembered our wedding colors.

He is the most amazing man I've ever met in my life. He beat cancer. He's been home the last year raising our kids, cooking dinner, doing laundry, and cleaning the house. Is he perfect? Obviously not, but he is perfect for me.

He puts up with the neurotic, over emotional person that I am. God truly blessed me when He brought Derek and I together.

The last year and half was probably the hardest time of my life, but he stood by me. He waited for me, he prayed for me, and he loved me. Unconditionally.

I get butterflies when I look at him. I melt when he touches me. I have the best husband in the world. I thought I'd brag about him. Thanks for reading my boasting.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Side Comment and My Horror Movie Moment

Before I get to my super awesome post that I know you are all so excited to read I want to say that the Yankees have been eliminated by the Texas Rangers!! I'm stoked because frankly I hate the Yankees, almost as much as I hate the Jets.

Now on to the awesome.

Last night as we were closing up shop to go to bed the phone starts ringing, but not like a phone call ring, it's like a pager ring. I found this odd so I picked up the phone. I hear noises and stuff. I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

In my imaginative watch too many moves mind the first thing I think of is some crazy killer took my phone and paged the other one to mess with me. If you've ever seen When A Stranger Calls you'd understand a little bit why I might be freaked out.

Anyway, I go check on kids under the guise that I thought maybe the kids had the phone and fell asleep with it and were rolling around with it in bed. When really I was scared that this crazy psycho who in my mind now has a hockey mask, knives for finger nails, and every other cliche horror movie villain has my kids held captive using my cordless phone as bait to kill me too.

Good news and bad news though was that my kids were fine, but I was no closer to finding where the phone was.

Here is where it gets funny. Derek goes outside to look for the phone. Turns out he took outside when he was working out there in case Kellogg's called and offered him the job (which they haven't done yet). Any who, Dubs grabbed the phone and had been chewing on it and had paged the inside phone! When Derek brought the phone in it had all of these little teeth marks on it.

I had a good laugh, hopefully you did too.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Things I love

I thought I'd copy my sister (cause she's so smart and all) and write about some of my favorite things as they come to me, not in order of importance.

  1. My husband and everything about him. I'm truly blessed.
  2. Sticky hugs and kisses from the 3 cutest kids in the world.
  3. Puppy kisses and snuggles from Dubs.
  4. Coffee. Lots of it.
  5. E-mailing Sarah again. It's wonderful, I missed her.
  6. Talking to my Mom and Meg again. I missed them too.
  7. Snow, we need some by the way.
  8. Rain and thunderstorms.
  9. A nice rare steak with sauteed mushrooms (now I'm hungry!)
  10. Movies-funny ones, romantic ones, sometimes sad ones.
  11. Jamming out in the car while people stare at you like you escaped from the "special" hospital.
  12. Technology of all kinds. Seriously, I could go bankrupt.
  13. Reading, I get lost doing it. Derek says he calls my name for like 5 min and I don't hear him (thanks Mom!)
  14. My new Skis, again I need snow so I can use them.
  15. My blanket, pillow, and sheet. I've had the blanket and sheet since I was in 7th grade. It will stay around forever.
  16. My new video game. It rocks.
  17. My $6 pack of french tip nails. They are way cool.
  18. My new purple Roos.
  19. Football (nothing else needs to be said)
  20. Christmas, oh how I love that time of year.
  21. Cooking and baking for my family.
  22. Listening to Ashley sing, that's all she does; seriously.
I could go on all day. I'm going to stop there. I will be posting more. Stay tuned since I know you are on the edge of your seats!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sweet Funny Boy

Here is my Grizzie bear yesterday morning. This picture absolutely brightens my heart. I kinda need it right now too.

Day Off? What Day Off?

Today is supposed to be my day off. I had a whole plan in place. I was going to thoroughly enjoy my children, bake, and overall relax.

What happened instead is that I got called by two customers and my boss. My boss called twice and I called her back once to clear up an issue. She was not happy and told me as much on the phone. I'm apparently not doing my job well enough.

This saddens my heart. I try very hard at my job and take pride in my work. I try the hardest I can to take care of my customers and get them what they need. The problem is that I've been there a year and have had various co-workers come and go. People whom take no pride in their work. People who lie, cheat, and steal. While I'm left to deal with angry customers who have no trust in our branch. I try the best I can to assuage their misgivings. Sometimes it goes over well sometimes not so much. We should have 3 consultants, there was usually just me. The last girl had no idea what she was doing and didn't care. She was a warm body. I was doing her work and mine. So have I made mistakes? Yes. Have I overlooked some things? Definitely. Should I be chided for it? I don't think so. Especially when I'm doing the best I can.

I love my boss. She's great. I get that she's under tons of pressure from her superiors to get numbers. Do I blame her? NO. I do, however, blame the people at the top who have no idea what it is to be the salesperson in a crumbling economy when the unemployment rate is at an all time high. I'm trying to sell a product that let's face it is a luxury and in hard times the first thing people get rid of are their luxury items. I'm doing the best I can. I can put it out there, but in the end it's their decision.

I can't wait until Derek gets a job and I can do what I'm meant to do, what I'm good at. Being a stay at home wife and mother. At least Derek won't call me up to chide me and if he did he'd be eating cereal for dinner.

There is my venting about my non-day off and my current work situation. Thanks for listening.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stupid Jets

I'm peeved. The stupid Jets won. I can't describe the distaste that leaves in my mouth!

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